Strike through damp

Strike through damp is a generally unknown or forgotten problem. Essentially, we distinguish between the following:

  • insulated cavity structures where damage is visible due to so called moisture bridges. These moisture bridges are the connections between the damaged and wet inside and outside sheeting, resulting in mortar beards and badly connected insulation sheets or missing post-insulation.
  • Traditional brick and mortar construction. Here, cavities are absent completely, which means that damage is hard to avoid without taking additional precautions. The mortar used in these constructions is usually the weakest link.

In order to combat the issues caused by inadequate waterproofing, we utilise the following approaches:

  • Water resistant materials where the surface is made water resistant, yet leaves the area damp-open. These materials fulfill a dual function in that they also provide protection against damage done to the house front. this process may be better known to the general public as impregnation. Before this process can be applied to the residence, however, the stone work has to be thoroughly inspected.
  • A protective layer is applied to the inside walls.

H.V.O. specialises in finding the perfect solution, uses the right materials for the job, and thoroughly inspects the damage before making a professional diagnoses.

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