A leaking basement is a source of great annoyance. Especially considering the loss of available space and diminished value.

Because a basement is located beneath ground level, it is a common occurrence that, with high groundwater levels, water first enters walls through the mortar in the walls. Additionally, a basement is a buffer for heat and moisture between the ground and the living space above. Old buildings are usually not protected well enough against these types of problems. H.V.O. is specialised in sealing and insulating basements since 1989.

The result is astonishing: we transform that wet and unusable space into something that is part of your home again.

Dependent on the severity of the leak, we are able to inject them with a patented liquid that seals the damage permanently. We are able to repair both concrete and brick and mortar basements alike. In case of severe damage, we are also able to perform complete basement renovations. By treating the flooring and walls, we transform your basement into a new, waterproof space that is a true part of your home again.

We find the cause of your leak
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